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Seward Friends Get Insane for their New Year’s Resolution

“Dig Deeper!”

You hear it uttered frequently throughout Shaun T’s Beachbody work out series entitled Insanity. And this mission of digging deeper is exactly what a group of local Sewardites have embarked on.

What started last winter as just a few friends meeting together to avoid gaining the winter weight has turned into a conglomerate of locals keeping each other accountable with daily workouts often followed by hangouts at local establishments or more outside activity when the weather allows.

Danny Meuninck, one of the original members of this workout crew understands the significance of staying connected to community when the light starts to fade and the temperature begins to drop.

“Community is extremely important, especially in the winter months when weather and darkness make it very easy to live the hermit life.”

Danny along with friends Jared Fink and Jamie Fischer started working out together when they were roommates.

“We lived together for two winters and helped each other stay in shape. Last winter we had separate accommodations and decided to meet every day somewhere in town to work out and stay in touch,”  Jamie said on how this group started.

Jared added, “It was half to stay active and half to stay connected in a physical non-social media way.”

And so the three friends kicked of 2018 with the resolution to meet most days and push through Beachbody’s Insanity series. Taking an occasional day off to go play outside and ski or hit up the racquetball court was permitted with the overarching goal of staying active in the winter. Danny and Jared both work in the tourism industry, Danny guiding kayak trips and helping manage Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking and Jared as a boat captain and kayak guide for Liquid Adventures.

They took the summer off as they were actively engaged with their respective jobs, but picked right back up where they left off when the summer ended.

And a funny thing happened…other people started hearing about these daily workouts and would just start showing up. Friends would invite friends and what started as three friends meeting up most days turned into sometimes a dozen participants getting “Insane” during the fall months. Deeper friendships started forming and this group became more than just a workout posse. Often times the group will hit up Thorns after an evening workout, visit the local ski trails together or try their hand at settling a place called Catan. What started as a workout group has transformed into a solid association of friends living community the way it should be.

New Year’s resolutions come a dime a dozen, but rarely are they seen through. This is a great example of one coming to completion and with 2019 just a few days old, the goal remains the same and the resolution has turned into a positive lifestyle for this local community of friends.

If staying active is one of our goals for 2019, Seward has a plethora of options with the Avtec gym, 5th Avenue fitness and Apex gym each offering a wide array of activities and workouts. Not to mention all the outdoor activities in the area.

And if you think you don’t have the ability to embark on an Insanity type workout, here are a few common quotes from the group during their workout to help you understand that it is not a group of athletes that meet up.

“I can’t do that!”

“Holy s**t, look at how that girl does that!”

“I’m sooooooo sore.”

“F*** you Shaun T!”

But at the end of the day: “Wow, I feel good,” states new member Clover Bergwall, and that sentiment is shared by all.

“It’s not easy, but it is worth it.”