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McCarthy Woodfellas firewood services

McCarthy Woodfellas
“Delivering An Honest Cord, With Black Tie Service”

We are now taking orders for firewood deliveries across the state. Our approach to providing this service is simple. We want to offer a custom tailored firewood service that works with your own homesteads needs, burn rate, and budget. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship, and to provide a service that you will call for again next year.

We currently have a stock pile of 4,000 cords of both spruce and birch. There are several options for how we deliver your wood, and we encourage you to call for an assessment of your homes needs. All orders come with free kindling. If there’s a road to your town, we will do your firewood.

Racked, stacked, split, logs, bagged, boxed, semi loads, kindling…we do it all

If you are considering buying firewood from someone else, please make sure it is dry before they unload. They are selling wet wood to people. 

We don’t sell wet wood to people. 

Call 313-0354 no texts please

You can learn more about who we are in McCarthy here: