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100 new wish tree books sponsored

Friends of the Seward Library would like to thank community for support of the Wish Tree Book program.  We reached our goal of 100 new books!

The 2018 goal set was for 100 new books for the Children’s, Young Adult (YA), and Junior shelves in the Seward Community Library Museum.  In years past, 40 to 60 books had been sponsored annually.

Funds are collected by SCLA, aka Friends of the Seward Library, (non-profit-501c3), and then they are sent to Ingram Publishing directly to a Seward library account.  The Library Museum staff choose the books for purchase and will place book plates showing the sponsorship information, if requested.  Sponsors can also request to be the first to check out the new books when they become available to patrons.

Special thank you to our new Wish Tree locations, Resurrect Art Coffee House, 320 3rd Ave, and the Alaska SeaLife Center, 301 Railway Ave, with the main tree location at the Library Museum.

On behalf of our Seward’s youth and SCLA, aka Friends of the Seward Library, thank you for helping us reach our goal!

Friends of the Seward Library, Board of Directors