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Trap Safety for Pet Owners in Seward

Just a few months ago my old dog, Bella, was caught in a trap on our daily walk near our home in Moose Pass. I’m happy to say she just celebrated her 14th birthday!

Get Educated on how to get your dog out of a trap or snare and know the signs of trapping on the trail.

Trap Safety for Pet Owners
How to release your pet from a trap or snare

Wednesday, February 13th
6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. 
Seward Community Library & Museum

Be Prepared: Learn about trapping and know what to do.

The Alaska Trappers Association will present a shared trails presentation with videos followed by hands-on instruction on releasing various traps and snares.

The purpose of this presentation is education. This will not be the forum to discuss the regulations of trapping or leash laws.

Presented by Erin Knotek in conjuction with the Alaska Trappers Association.

For more info: Erin Knotek at 288-3674.