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Fundraiser registration for Lost Lake Run to open March 1

The Lost Lake Run is scheduled for Aug. 24, 2019!

The 2018 Lost Lake Run was a tremendous success. This would not have been possible without the support of our outstanding and very dedicated volunteers, our sponsors, and our walkers and runners. Last year we raised nearly $300,000. The support you have shown is truly humbling. Thank you.

Four years ago we introduced several important changes to the registration process and I wanted to remind you of these changes so you would have the time to do some planning.

  • We have modified the team registration process, allowing larger teams and greater flexibility with team member registration.
  • We are providing an early registration for a single-person fundraiser.
  • Registration for Teams and Individual fundraisers, will open on March 1, 2019 at 6 am, Alaska time.
  • Legendary Lost Lakers will be sent an email in mid-March, allowing them to register early.
  • Open registration for the remaining registrations will begin at 6 am on April 1, 2019, Alaska time. We will be utilizing the same registration process as last year — a lottery system. There will be more information on the lottery registration as we get closer to the April 1, 2019 registration date.

Team Registration

On March 1, 2019 at 6 am Alaska time the Team registration will open. There will be a link on the front page of the Lost Lake Run website that will take you to the team registration. 

A team can include up to 24 team members. The following are the prices for each team. Note that these team registration fees now include the registration fee for each participant.

  • 4-Person Team, $1,500, Silver Sponsorship Level
  • 8-Person Team, $2,500, Gold Sponsorship Level
  • 12-Person Team, $3,750, Gold Sponsorship Level
  • 16-Person Team, $5,000, Platinum Sponsorship Level
  • 20-Person Team, $6,250, Platinum Sponsorship Level
  • 24-Person Team, $7,500, Platinum Sponsorship Level

As in the past, teams are allowed to fundraise for their entry fee. Please note that the team entry fee includes the registration fees for the team members. What this means however is if a team was unable to raise the full amount we would remove the participants and all of the funds raised would be considered a donation. If you would like to fundraise for the team entry fee, contact me to discuss the process. My contact information is found at the end of this email update.

A team can register its team members up to June 30, 2019. When you register your team, you will be allotted a number of registrations corresponding to the size of the team you have registered.

After June 30, 2019 any team can add registered participants to their team, but only if the new addition is not currently assigned to another team and if that participant is already registered.

We are only allocating 30% of total registrations to teams. Once that number has been met, we will no longer be able to accept any new teams. We will try to provide updates through facebook and the web site to let folks know how quickly these registrations are being filled. Last year we filled up the teams in just under 10 minutes.Lost Lake Run WebsiteEarly Registration for Individual FundraisersFor those individuals that prefer to fund raise on their own and not be a member of a team, we offer early registration for individual fundraisers. The fee for an individual fundraiser is $400.

Like teams, an individual can register early and be guaranteed a spot. In return they would need to raise $400 by June 30, 2019. If you do not raise the funds by June 30, 2019, then you would forfeit your registration and any funds that have been raised.

All individual fundraisers will also be recognized as a Sponsor, with the designation depending on how the funds raised. For a list of the sponsor designations, please see the web site at the link found below.Sponsorship LevelsLegendary Lost LakersAs in years past, those that have participated in 12 or more Lost Lake Runs over the past 25 years are considered Legendary Lost Lakers. For each of these individuals, we offer them the opportunity to register early, allowing them to ensure that they will be able to participate in this year’s Lost Lake Run. Each Legendary Lost Laker will be sent an email with a coupon for their registration in mid-March.

Each of the Legendary Lost Lakers are listed on the web site (see link below). If you believe your name should be included as a Legendary Lost Laker and it is not listed, please send me an email.Legendary Lost Lakers

I can be reached by phone/text at 907.444.5860 during business hours (8 am to 5 pm M-F, Alaska time). If you do not reach me directly, please leave a message for a call-back. I can also be reached by email:

Thank you for your continued support of the Lost Lake Run.