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Volunteers needed for Friday movie night series

Sorry – but there will not be any movies this Friday Night…

We are short of volunteers this week and don’t have the necessary folks to have movies on February 15th 🙁

Did you know that we have only four volunteers to do the lions share of the work to make sure each week’s movies come off smoothly?
Right now, we really need to find one or two more people who can commit to being a regular volunteer and join our ‘leadership crew’ and learn how to help us run the series. Each night we are open we need two ‘lead volunteers’ to work the equipment and supervise everything in addition to a few folks to ‘work the door’ and clean up afterward.

Unless we are able to find a few more folks to help us lead, the future of this project is in jeopardy. We love volunteering and seeing everyone’s smiling faces each Friday – but our core group of volunteers are all active in the community – and sometimes we just need a week off from the movies when there are other activities going on (like the Alaska Sealife Gala or the High School Cross Country Ski Borough Meet). 
If you’re willing to consider volunteering at this higher level, please send us a message (email We can only make this work if we get the help we need.

In the meantime, we WILL be back on next Friday February 22nd. We have a really huge night planned. More details to come – but if you’ve read this far – you can look forward to seeing a stunning mix of award winning kids animated shorts at 6 PM ( and the blockbuster “A Star Is Born” at 8 PM – NEXT FRIDAY 2/22

Thanks for you support and we hope to hear from some of you who are willing to saddle up and help us take this series into the future!