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Trump Organization Selects Seward to Build First Alaskan Trump Tower

Donald Trump won Alaska’s three electoral votes in 2016 and he will be making his mark once again in the Last Frontier State when ground will be broken this summer on Trump Tower Seward.

The news broke at the last City Council meeting where it was made known that the Trump Organization purchased all the land dedicated to the RV parks on the waterfront and intend to build a large hotel and theme park dedicated to our current president.

When asked why Seward was selected as opposed to Anchorage, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization responded, “We wanted to build a huge tower in a smaller town that doesn’t currently have any tall structures so that it would make our tower look even huger.”

Details of how tall Trump Tower Seward will be are still unknown, but sources from the White House state that the President wants the building to be taller than the peak of Seward’s tallest mountain, Mt. Alice. “The Democrats have made it difficult for us to build a Trump Tower in Moscow,” Donald Trump Jr. stated to reporters, “but a Trump Tower in Alaska would allow us to at least see Russia from our penthouse.”

So far residents in Seward have had mixed reviews on this new development. In an effort to quell the dissenters, part of the agreement between the Trump Organization and the city of Seward is that each resident will get a personalized brick put on the wall that Trump has promised to build between Alaska and Canada and that this wall will not cost Alaskan tax payers any money as Canada will be paying for the wall.

We wish you a mischievous April Fools’ Day!

~ Danny

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  1. Trump Hotels are among the finest in the world. Whether you like the man or not, his hotels are magnificent, I stay in them in whichever city they are in when I travel, and will continue to do so. Alaska would benefit if this were to happen, but alas, Seward would certainly not be deserving of a jewel of this magnitude, as it is a city of filth and poor breeding.

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