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Seward Celebrates National Poetry Month

Seward is celebrating! Not only has April kicked off with amazing sunshine—it is National Poetry Month! Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the magic and power of words. April is the perfect time to renew or explore a new love of the written and spoken word. Throughout the month, national organizations are hosting an incredible array of ways to connect to poetry and the Seward writing community is offering some exciting ways to celebrate too!

Don’t miss the Seward Writers Collective Poetry Reading Voices Carry on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Seward Community Library. This event will feature local poets as well as Jeremy Pataky, author of Overwinter and Executive Director of 49 Writers. In addition, this event especially encourages Seward students to come share their work or read one of their favorite poems from another writer. Special thanks to The Awesome Foundation-Alaska, Friends of the Seward Library and 49 Writers for supporting this community event.

Leery of poetry? Not sure if poetry is your thing? Not to worry! One of the exciting things about poetry and often misunderstood, is the range of forms and methods of delivery. There are many different styles of writing—from page poetry that is based on forms and patterns, to open forms as well as spoken word. Incredibly, Seward features a wide array of poets and writers who take full advantage of all of these forms. Come experience this range first hand—you are sure to be wowed if not inspired, challenged and delighted.

The Academy of American Poets features 30 ways to celebrate National Poetry Month. Some highlights of the list include signing up for a Poem-A-Day, which sends a poem right to your email and gives you the perfect opportunity to slow down and experience the world through thoughtful writing. Other highlights include buying a poetry book from a local bookstore, memorizing a poem, learning about the poets in our great state as well as attending a poetry reading. To see the complete list or to sign up for a Poem-A-Day, visit: .

Throughout the month of April, and in collaboration with the Seward Sun, stay tuned for more exciting ways to celebrate poetry and honor National Poetry Month.