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Meeeow: Alley Cats returns May 1

Everybody wants to be a cat, and come May 1, runners of all abilities and breeds will get their chance during the second annual Alley Cats Run. 

The fun run starts at the Branson Pavillion at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1 and takes runners through the alleys of downtown Seward. Runners are encouraged to don their perkiest cat ears and shiniest collars, turning all of Seward into a cat walk.

“Costumes or any sort of cat get up are highly encouraged,” said race organizer Kenny Regan. “Throughout the race there are stations set up with cat like shenanigans for all participants. Everyone runs together and finishes at the same time. Allowing people of all abilities to participate. It is a great event to get outdoors and be a little goofy with a bunch of local people.”

Hissing at the thought of running a 5K? The course is a bit shorter, with racers invited to run all or part of the course.

“This year, we will be passing out maps to help people find their way through the correct alleys,” Regan said. “We don’t want any strays…”

Racers shouldn’t worry about training for the big day, although a quick cat nap is always encouraged. There are no prizes for fastest time, but there will be trophies for best dressed and most spirited cat. 

“Come dressed up in your best cat attire, whiskers tail and all,” Regan said. And don’t fur-get to rock some cat-titude.

Regan said he is looking forward to some more hiss-terical costumes and, hopefully, some purrrrrfect weather. There will be a BBQ potluck after the run. Attendees are encouraged to bring snacks or refreshments to share with the group (bring your own milk bowl!)

The event is free and open to the public, with the race sponsor Advanced Physical Therapy. 

“We greatly appreciate the sponsorship,” Regan said. “Purrrrhaps we will get more!”