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Community bike park gearing up for June opening

As snow melts early from the mountains, cyclists are getting amped up to hit the trails around Seward.  Riders big and small are getting their bikes tuned up, tires pumped, and grabbing their helmets.  Riders can soon ride on the highly anticipated Seward Community Bike Park located on the corner of the Seward Highway and Sealion Avenue. 

This all-inclusive, Community Built and Funded, bike park will include all the components that the Seward residents and children voted for last fall, including the very popular Whale Tail and Serpent Spine! 

Thanks to our entire community and many granting organizations, we’ve successfully raised all the funding needed to complete another grassroots community project.

Here’s a breakdown on what you’ll find:

Three riding options including a pump track, single track, and skills trail. 

Components include the Split Decision, multiple 4’ kicker ramps, the Whale Tail, Double Roller, and the Serpent Spine!  All  components can be ridden with any non-motorized bicycle.

Whether you are a toddler on a strider bike, a teen on a mountain bike, or a parent on a fat tire bike, this progressive bike park will allow any rider to increase their skill level. For those that like to spectate, there will be plenty of benches set throughout the park.

You’ve probably seen the removal of trees and shrubs on site by the City of Seward.  This preparation is to allow access to the park engineer, Eddie Kessler from Ptarmigan Ptrails, LLC and his crew to do the on-site ground work before we swoop up our wonderful Seward volunteers to assist in the hands-on build on June 7 to 9th. 

Save the dates!  If you know you’ll be available that weekend, please visit our website to sign up.

A grand opening celebration is in the works for Father’s Day weekend on Saturday, June 15. Keep on the lookout for more details on the opening ceremony. 

Thank you to all those people who have supported us along the way, whether it was making a tie-die t-shirt booths, or a donation to last falls auction, we made it because of all your support and encouragement.

A special thanks to Providence Alaska Foundation, Seward PTA, Rasmuson Foundation, Shoreside Petroleum, The Tougas Family, Seward Community Foundation, Petro Marine, City of Seward