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HB 178 this Sunday

Let your community know where you stand. We will not be silent!

What is HB 178? The short title is “Criminalize Abortion.”

For more information on HB 178 visit :

Facebook Townhall uses your location to identify your district and connect with representatives :

Write to your State Senator and Representative and ask them to publicly oppose bills like this.
Alaska State Legislature :

The bill has been referred to the Health & Social Services committee :

Sharon Jackson is part of the committee and co sponsored HB 178 :

Information about HB 178 and how you can contact your representatives will be available, all are welcome. Bring signs if you have them or meet up at 11:30am at the Two Lakes Pavilion to create a sign, materials will be provided. The March will start at 12:30pm.

We will leave the Two Lakes Pavilion at 12:30pm, take B St. to Ballaine Blvd. using the bike path to march to the SeaLife Center, up the heart of Seward, 4th Ave. and back to the pavilion.