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Sockeye limit doubled to 12

Seward area anglers are getting good use out of their waders this June as they wade into the waters of Resurrection Bay to snag sockeye salmon.

The early-season sockeye salmon are in Resurrection Bay, their numbers growing daily as the fish head toward Bear and Spring Creeks just outside of Seward.

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game has doubled the limit for sockeye salmon caught in the the northern salt waters of Resurrection Bay and part of the freshwaters of Resurrection River. The new limit, twelve fish per day and twelve in possession, will be effective 12:01 a.m. Friday morning. 

“Fish are coming in wicked thick,” said Seward fisherman Kenny Regan.

Snagging is legal in all saltwater, as long as it’s not specifically prohibited, so Seward anglers have been hitting popular spots such as Spring Creek beach, near the waterfall at the mouth of Lowell Creek and by the culverts of the Seward Lagoon outflow.

Snagging allows anglers to hook a salmon on the body with an unbaited hook. Although it may seem intuitive, it’s more challenging than it seems. Hopeful snaggers should cast ahead of their target, keep the rod tip forward, pull their rod back as if they are setting the hook, return the rod tip forward and repeat.