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2019 Mini Mt. Marathon Race Results

In 1989, the Rierson’s wanted a way to involve their two-year-old daughter in the Mount Marathon Race. Now, 30 years later, kids ages 2 to 6 are running along the race course during the Mini Mount Marathon Race.

“We thought about how cool it would be to start a kid’s race and have them start right at the big people starting line,” said Skip Rierson, who started the annual children’s races with his wife, Kim. 

“There was no race for the kids, and that was the theme of the day,” Skip said. “So we created an event that ties itself into the main event and plants the seed for their future.”

Skip and Kim have been volunteering their time to the Mount Marathon Race Festival and the Mini Mount Marathon Race for over thirty years, but recognize all the help they had along the way. 

Petro Marine has been a sponsor for the Mini Mount Marathon Race since the beginning, each year supporting the race and providing small toys for the racers. Their has also been a core group of volunteers making sure the mini race goes off without a hitch.

“It’s a pretty well oiled machine,” Skip said. “It’s what we call organized chaos.”

Each age from 2 to 6-years-old has their own race, which are further divided into boys and girls. This means, Skip and Kim send nearly 200 kids across the start line each year.

Below are the results of this year’s races:

Mini Mt. Marathon Race Results
July 4, 2019
Race Name City
6 yr Girls 1st Dottie Hudson Anchorage, AK
2nd Stella Herr Ashland, OR
3rd Julie Breaver Eagle River, AK

6 yr Boys 1st Ian Hall Tampa, FL
2nd Isaac Beck Arizona
3rd Daren Fruhwirth Palmer, AK

5 yr Girls 1st Shylee Strauscaugh Wasilla, AK
2nd Piper Taylor Hawaii
3rd Ari Fleming Seward, AK

5 yr Boys 1st Julian Salao Anchorage, AK
2nd Hudson Quimby Eagle River, AK
3rd Gabriel Gibson Eagle River, AK

4 yr Girls 1st Beatrice King Anchorage, AK
2nd Ezee Anderson Anchorage, AK
3rd Livia Dodson Seward, AK

4 yr Boys 1st Hoyt Harris Anchorage, AK
2nd Zack Baklanov Anchorage, AK
3rd Hayes Harris Anchorage, AK
3 yr Girls 1st Eva Szymoniak Homer, AK
2nd Bailey Lunardi Seward, AK
3rd Kate Fong Anchorage, AK

3 yr Boys 1st Finn Hamilton-Ivers Anchorage, AK
2nd Fenix Berry Seward, AK
3rd Brennon Stewart Eagle River, AK

2 yr Girls 1st Anna Licht Palmer, AK
2nd Juniper Allen Wasilla, AK
3rd Allison Karon Soldotna, AK

2 yr Boys 1st Ryder Dodson Seward, AK
2nd Finlo Linden Palmer, AK
3rd Jasper Graham Chicago, IL

Pictures: 30th running of the Mini Mt. Marathon Races &
Race volunteer Jean Bardarson and race sponsor
Carol Lindsey