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Team Seward takes on Equinox Marathon

Seward runners took on the challenge, and the trip, this past weekend at the 57th Equinox Marathon in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Over 25 Seward and Moose Pass residents travelled to Fairbanks to run either the full marathon or the relay, with many runners taking home awards for their performance.

The course took racers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, through streets, trails, up Ester Dome and back down to the campus over 26.2 miles. Runners faced low temperatures, high winds and even snow at higher elevations.

Defending Mount Marathon champion Hannah Lafleur, of Seward, took second place in the women’s race and tenth place overall with a time of 3:25:18

Pyper Dixon, of Seward, took eighth place with a time of 3:23:58.

The Seward Slaydies relay team, comprised of Tekla Seavey, Sabrina Farmer and Gina Valdes took first place in the Open Women’s relay division with a time of 03:54:14.

The Stone Skippers, comprised of Joe Kiefer, Isabel Barnwell and Kenzie Barnwell, took second place in the Open Mixed relay division with a time of 03:31:33.

Fred Moore celebrated his 80th birthday a day early with an age division victory at 06:05:09. Kevin Knotek of Moose Pass took second in his age group, 60 to 64, with a time of 4:25:02. Kristen Sieminski of Seward took third in her age group, 40 to 44, at 4:30:44.

Seward Full Marathon Results:


2. Hannah Lafleur, Seward, 3 hours, 25 minutes, 18 seconds; 31. Kristen Sieminski, Seward, 4:30:44; 50. KellyAnn Cavaretta, Seward, 4:52:00; 60. Kat Sorensen, Seward, 4:59:01; 133. Kelley Lane, Seward, 6:05:09


8. Pyper Dixon, Seward, 3:23:58; 11. Collin Atkinson, Seward, 3:29:31; 26. Luke Rosier, Anchorage (formerly Seward), 3:52:00; 28. Erik Johnson, Seward, 3:53:08; 29. Trevor Kreznar, Seward, 3:53:11; 33. Sean Ulman, Seward, 3:59:00; 61. Kevin Knotek, Moose Pass, 4:25:02; 66. James Mitchell, Seward, 4:28:48; 87. Karl Romig, Seward, 4:42:06; 185. Fred Moore, Seward, 6:05:09.

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