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Ice Report: Tern Lake

Note from Seward Sun editor: How are the trails out there? A big part of the Seward community loves getting out the front door and onto a trailhead or lake. Have you been out recently and want to share the conditions? Send us an email at and we’ll post it on our front page (because, let’s be honest, a perfect day of ice skating or trail running is breaking news).

A skate glides across Tern Lake. (Photo by Jess Hettwer)

Ice skating is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy winter. A couple of friends, a dog and

myself checked out Tern Lake for the first time this season.

As of 12:30 pm Monday afternoon the ice skating was good at Tern Lake. It was at least three inches think in most areas. There was some open water toward the south end of the lake where Trumpeter Swans swam in a tight circle.

It’s the fun time of year when there is not a blanket of snow laid down over the ice.The ice is perfectly clear making it easy to spot salmon from this summer frozen in time.

If you’re heading out to Tern Lake in the winter months, don’t forget to stop by some local eateries open all year round.

Tern Lake is a fun place to spend the afternoon. Pack a picnic or check out The Sunrise Inn which is open year around from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm in the winter. They have a large menu and serve breakfast until 4:00 pm.

I write this hours later and it has warmed up to 50 degrees in Cooper Landing. So the conditions we had this afternoon may have drastically changed. Either way when the temperatures do drop again (at least I hope they do) grab some friends or load up the kids and head out to Tern Lake.