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Climate report: A warmer, wetter November

The National Weather Service at Anchorage International Airport released its Climate Highlights for November 2018 report Sunday and confirmed what many Alaskans have been thinking — this November was warmer and wetter, but with less snow, than average.

This November was the seventh warmest on record, based on 66 years of data. November was 7.9 degrees warmer than average, according to the report. Of the 30 days in November, twenty-five experienced higher-than-average temperatures. Only four days recorded below-average temperatures.

This November was the 20th wettest. Precipitation was recorded 13 out of 30 days at the Anchorage International Airport weather station. Most of this precipitation fell as rain, however, as only 4.8 inches of snow were measured. This is well below the average of 13.1 inches. The entire 2018-2019 winter season so far has been the 10th least snowy ever recorded, according to the report.

Anchorage is not Seward, but this data gives an idea of general weather trends experienced in southern Alaska during the late fall. Some of these trends have been persistent throughout the season, as both September and October recorded well above average temperatures as well.

As for the rest of winter, the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting this pattern to continue throughout the winter with milder temperatures and snowfall “near to below normal” across the entire state. Reading ahead in their annual summary, however, the Almanac reveals what some may see as good news with predictions for a drier summer with above average temperatures.