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Trap safety for pet owners course

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Yet, the owner was able to release her dog and credits having taking the education course provided by the USFS and taught by ADF&G.

Upcoming local class for the public:
Trap Safety for Pet Owners
How to release your pet from a trap or snare

Thursday, December 6th
6:30 p.m.
Cooper Landing Communit Hall

Be Prepared: Learn about trapping and know what to do.

The Alaska Trappers Association will present a Shared Trails presentation with a video followed by hands-on instruction on releasing various traps and snares.

The purpose of this presentation is education. This will not be the forum to discuss the regulations of trapping or leash laws.

Hosted by: Erin Carola Knotek
in conjuction with The Cooper Landing Community School Program and Alaska Trappers Association.

Please share with a friend. A one hour class may just save your pets limb or life.

contact: erin at